Dr Alexander Beck, MD

Founder and CEO

Alexander Beck is a doctor and founded the Foundation for Innovative Medicine in 2014. For several years he has been researching actively at the LMU in Munich and the Harvard University in Boston on childhood cancer. His research focuses on epigenetic mechanisms and new treatment approaches. The prevention of illness and the promotion of health, especially of children and adolescents, is a matter of the heart for him.

Dr Felicitas Beck, MD

Board member

Felicitas Beck is a doctor and a board member since the very first idea. In the past she worked in orthopedic research at the LMU Munich, as well as in endocrinological research at Harvard University in Boston. Intersection of both research areas and personal interest is bone metabolism. It is particularly important to her not only to treat diseases, but also to promote the maintenance of health and mobility.

Tobias Huber

Board member

Tobias M. Huber has been active on the board of the foundation since its creation. He completed his studies in production and media management at the HFF Munich, was involved as a founder and managing director in two film production companies, before moving to PANTAFLIX AG as Business Development Manager. In 2014, he won the Student Academy Award in Los Angeles with the short film Nocebo. For him it is important to use his production and media knowledge for social and scientific purposes.